Spooky Shed

James and Eli are best friends and after school, they would hang out together. Today, James asked Eli to come over and play in his shed. But it was no ordinary shed. It was a spooky shed, like a haunted house. Eli was happy to come over but did not know anything about the shed. […]

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Richard Branson’s The Virgin Way

This book is about a man name Richard Branson, telling his story about how he had successfully built his business empire around the world.  He also learned how to “listen, learn more, laugh and lead.” When Richard was a child, he made many mistakes but he always said that no one is perfect. His mum’s name […]

Eagles Boys Pizza Story

Tom Potter was making his own business which was named Beagle Boys. Then he changed it to Eagle Boys Pizza. Tom would make over $10,000 a week. His mum’s name was Barbara who was helping him a lot. Tom’s dad’s name was James. His first pizza store opened in Albury. Then Tom opened up other pizza stores […]

My New Friend

One day I was walking on the path of our street heading towards the park.  While I was happily walking, I could suddenly smell something warm and sweet, like freshly made fudge.  I used my senses to track down the smell.  I kept walking and the smell was getting stronger.  Whoosh!  Suddenly I saw a […]

War Zone Alert

Three consecutive bombs go off.  My heart skips a beat.  President Abel has set us up for all this trouble and then turns his back on us when we come looking for him demanding action plans.  He reckons the traitors has set us up, but I know he did.  He was greedy, hunting for more […]

Spring Sunshine

I wake to the warm sunshine peaking through my window.  I subtly pull open the curtains and push open my window to welcome the crisp spring air into my bedroom.  My nose tickles from the smell of fresh spring flowers bouncing in the air.  Buzz, buzz…… I hear the bees singing and dancing over the […]

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Guess Who I Am?

I have a super long neck to reach trees because I eat branches and leaves.  I am a spotty animal and I am the height of a building.  When I go to toilet, I have sticky poop.  I have small ears on my head.  I live in the zoo or wild desert and I sleep […]

Picnic with Teddy Bear

It is sunny today and I am going to a picnic in the park.   My fluffy teddy bear Bowie is coming too.  Bowie goes everywhere with me.  She likes hugs and kisses.  I want to share my picnic fun with her.  I need to wear my pretty pink tutu and ballet shoes.  I want […]

The Chase!

“Take him down and bring him back alive. Do not let him LEAVE the castle!!!” Running frantically, feeling the wet, heavy rain pelt on my face and body soaking me. Sprinting through the deep puddles as they reflect the starry night.  The law hunting me down with extreme prejudice.  Panting heavily as I scan quickly […]

My Memorable Day

It’s the 9th of February 2015, a very important date in these young children’s lives.  Many parents, families and peers are cheering as nervous individuals step up to accept a leadership badge.  They have earned this honour through nominations from their teachers and peers. Standing on the stage, they overlook hundreds of people cheering and […]