Build Confident Young Readers

Support your child and encourage their love for reading early in life. We all need to read and that’s a fact of life. We read to learn, to understand, to navigate life’s challenges and most importantly, to relax and escape our hectic life schedules. Building a confident young reader is vital to their future success. It’s like everything we do, the earlier we establish a good reading habit, the more beneficial it will be for later in life. But how do we engage our children to pick up a book?

Try adopting the following ideas to encourage reading fun:

  1. Ask your child to do one of the voices of the characters. Giving the character expression is always engaging for the child.
  2. Ask questions to make sure your child understands the story. Everyone can read but how many really understand? Let them know it’s all right to ask questions when they don’t understand.
  3. Use picture books and ask your child to create their own story. It’s more personal when it’s read in their own words. Let them take ownership of the story.
  4. Continue to read together even if they can read confidently alone. Sharing a story together shows them you care and your still interested in hearing their voice.
  5. Ask your child to read with expression and enthusiasm. It’s lively and creative. This is confidence building for future public speaking.

Another great tip to keep in mind is young readers will skip words or pronounce words incorrectly. Try not to correct them every time. They will learn to read confidently and enjoy the story more when they don’t feel like they’re being criticised. Self correction will come automatically when they can read confidently. Happy reading everyone.

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