About Funscribblers

Technology is here to stay and we cannot change or deny our children access to computers, iPads, laptops etc. They are exposed to electronic devices everywhere, at home, school, libraries, shops etc. But one thing we can control is how they use the devices, when they use it, why they use it and what they use electronic devices for.

This is how the idea of Funscribblers came about. This is a space where we invite young creative writers to write and submit their own stories for publication. This space encourages young writers to free their imagination into a world of fun and limitless creation. By publishing their work, they have the chance to share their stories with other children in this world. Children are entitled recognition for their work and this is a fantastic platform for them to showcase their creativity and celebrate our future successful writers.

To all future young scribblers, email your creative stories to funscribblers@gmail.com and look forward with excitement to see your own short story be published. Of course, all stories will be reviewed to ensure plots and language are suitable for publication. We will only include the authors details to show your initials/nickname, state and age.  Or you can remain anonymous. Just make this clear in your email. All details will remain private and confidential.



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