Obese Children

Heart disease. Diabetes. High cholesterol. No, these aren’t just issues facing adults. These are diseases facing children with childhood obesity. Good morning everyone. My name is Lauren and I am here at the annual Childhood Obesity Conference as the voice of future generations of children who will face a life ruined by obesity. It will affect a child’s social life, not being able to fit in with everyone else. It will affect their health in every way. The solution is to help them make healthy choices and encourage more outdoor activities. Can you imagine the best years of your life being lost because of childhood obesity?

Your child is getting bullied. Bullied all the time at school just because of their size. Have you ever thought that your child is eating their life away? At school they might be sitting in a toilet cubicle crying. They might ask some people if they can play with them but the person might say `no’. Your child is getting bullied by people calling them names and saying they are fat and ugly. These poor children have the weight of the world on their shoulders, not only physically but emotionally too. Your child just wants to fit in like everyone else. If your child does not change now they will always be lonely and depressed all the time. You don’t want that to happen do you? I remember in grade 5, my friend was so obese she nearly lost her life. She couldn’t come to school, she couldn’t do anything. Not only does childhood obese make your child’s social life terrible, it ruins their physical health. Did you know that 45 percent of children diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes due to being obese or being overweight?

Your child’s life is being wasted because they are obese and eating unhealthy foods. Their life expectancy is degrading very quickly. Between 10 to 20 years might be taken away from their life. Imagine your child not experiencing their high school graduation? Imagine your child not experiencing a wedding or having a baby all because their life was cut tragically short because of obesity. I know you love your children very much and wouldn’t want them dying earlier. They are going to suffer from diabetes and many more diseases. There life is like a sinkhole for them. We don’t want that to happen to your child. I say that `we can make a change’. We can change their bad habits to good. Change needs to happen so they can live a long and happy life.

It is very important for children to be healthy and fit. It helps them achieve more in life. Children that are obese need more exercise and need to eat healthier foods, like more fruits and vegetables. They should do more outdoor activities to keep them healthy and fit. It helps them lose weight quickly. If they exercise more they can do a lot more in life and have a better chance of living. Being obese is like weights on your shoulder pulling you down. That’s why you must exercise. Change now, so they can be healthy. Change now, so they can be alive.

Changing your child’s ways might be difficult at the start. They may dislike healthy food or exercise. But as I sometimes say, no pain, no gain. You will soon realise you’re helping them in a good way. Don’t get upset because your child is crying because they don’t like the food you are giving them. Feel happy, because you are helping them change their bad habits into good. Feel happy, that you are giving them years of their life back. Change their ways now before it’s too late.

Persuasive Author: Lauren Yap is 12 years old from Australia

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