That Horrible Moment

Leaves whistling, windows slamming. The piercing sound of the wind hurts my ears. Mum warned my family about the tornado coming towards Graceville. Never have I been in this situation before. This is terrifying. Close to our house, there is a volcano. Looking outside my window, I could see the volcano erupting. The black smoke from the volcano fills the air. All I could see was the tip of the mountain, bubbling and bubbling. I packed everything, ready to go. We need to flee to another place or somewhere safe from this eruption. I stepped outside and smelt the smoky air. I felt dizzy, wanting to faint. But no, I have to be strong and keep going. Looking around made me feel sad. All the damage that has been done to my home town. I felt so sorry and my heart is filled with sadness, watching all these people suffer. I took in another deep breath and headed off. The air smelling like mouldy cheese, I fainted. I blacked out.

Author: Lauren Yap is 12 years old from Australia

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