It’s My Birthday Party

I am 9 years old today. It’s a special day because I have a birthday party to host and I have many friends coming. Nearly everyone from my class is coming because I could not choose 12 friends. It was hard so mum let me invite everyone. I think there will be 25 people coming. I am meeting them at the Bowling Place. We get to eat pizza and bowl.

I am nervous. I need to bowl and win in front of all my friends. What if I trip over? What if I bowl into the gutter every time. Oh… many “What If’s”. I need to hurry up and get changed. We need to go soon and I need to gel my hair. It’s super messy today. Ok, what should I wear? I think I will wear by cool black beach shirt and board shorts. Now that looks super cool. Ok, now I’m ready to have some fun.

Of course we are late again. My dog would not come inside and we had to chase her down. She is soooooooo naughty!!! Some of my friends are here already. How embarrassing!!! We are late!!! All my cool friends are here and we start to hang out. This is so cool.

After the yummy pizza lunch, it is time for bowling. I was to go first because I am the birthday boy. My ball feels heavy. My knees are shaking. I look down the ally and can only see flashing lights. I freeze when I reach the red line and forget to let go of the ball. I try again. This time I will get it right. I run up and swing the ball and it flies out of my hands. Thump!!! The ball starts to spin down the ally slowly. My heart is beating wildly. My fingers are crossed for good luck.

The ball starts to roll faster and faster. My heart is beating quicker and quicker. When the ball smashes into the bowling pin, I let out a scream “Strike” and my wish comes true. I am a super star. Thus is super cool and all my friends cheer for me. I am so happy and never want this day to end,

Author: James Mak 9 years old from Australia

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