Obese Children

Heart disease. Diabetes. High cholesterol. No, these aren’t just issues facing adults. These are diseases facing children with childhood obesity. Good morning everyone. My name is Lauren and I am here at the annual Childhood Obesity Conference as the voice of future generations of children who will face a life ruined by obesity. It will […]

That Horrible Moment

Leaves whistling, windows slamming. The piercing sound of the wind hurts my ears. Mum warned my family about the tornado coming towards Graceville. Never have I been in this situation before. This is terrifying. Close to our house, there is a volcano. Looking outside my window, I could see the volcano erupting. The black smoke […]

It’s My Birthday Party

I am 9 years old today. It’s a special day because I have a birthday party to host and I have many friends coming. Nearly everyone from my class is coming because I could not choose 12 friends. It was hard so mum let me invite everyone. I think there will be 25 people coming. […]