War Zone Alert 2

The air is polluted with thick black smelly smog. My body is in shock. Shocked to see, hear and smell everything around me. I could hear sirens from a distance, but struggle to accept my surrounding’s. I feel depressed, emotionless and confused. I desperately need fresh air, but the air is so polluted. I find it hard to cry. The black smog is strangling my throat.

The times spent with family and friends at the Peace Tree was no longer here. It is gone forever. The Peace Tree just bloomed beautiful peach coloured flowers but that is in my memory now. The only thing left behind is grey ash and dirt. It’s all disappeared.

I want to hunt down President Abel and make him pay for our losses. He has run away to hide in a safe place and we are left behind to defend for ourself. Our Sub Zero Zone has been under attacked since winning the Medallion Chase. The Capricorn’s wants revenge. They have threatened us with death if we were to win the Medallion Chase. President Abel guaranteed me The Zone would be able to handle them. If we won, we would celebrate in glory and share our winnings with them. I went in with only one plan, a winning plan. No other plan was discussed and honestly, I did not want to die young. President Abel always found a way to mess with our heads, convince us with his words and control our feelings.

The people of The Zone is now suffering. We have no homes, food, clean water and no more money. President Abel and the Capricorns has stolen from us, our life, our happiness and our future.

The death toll is high.  The sick and wounded people are huddled in the wrecked hospital. Now the biggest fear is an outbreak of disease from the dead bodies lying in the open air. It’s like hell on earth. My father was infected with skin disease after the last bombing two years ago. The disease ate away his skin on his entire body. He never survived and died shortly after.

My sister Caroline watched my father suffer and now she has to watch other people suffer too. I want to shelter her from this disaster but I feel helpless. My mum is helping the wounded but more people is coming in faster than she can handle. I can only watch and pray for a miracle.

Days have passed. Hope is little but we all carry on and do what we can to help. President Abel is nowhere to seen. No broadcast of his voice is heard. I am frustrated and want answers. I can’t believe this coward actually rules The Zone. Why did I trust him? We all trusted him with our lives. All this pain in getting to my nerves and I really want to grab hold of his head and beat him to the grave.

Suddenly a plane flies over. It has a white star symbol on the body. President Abel is back. His back to save us and rebuild The Zone. I run after the plane and wait for good news.  Maybe the War has ended. Maybe we have hope.  Help is here.

Author: GM is 11 years old from Australia

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