There was two boys named James and Adam. They were best friends and would do everything together. It was their dream to become the fastest man on earth. When they were little, they always played dress up like superheroes. They named themselves Team Flash. They were fast, quick, strong and brave, just like fireman that can control fires in dangerous times.

But one day, when they were out running in a storm, they were struck by lightning. The doctor said they might not wake up and they were both in the hospital for fifteen years. The years passed and their families and friends were praying for them to wake up. It will be a miracle if they do wake up.

It was a new year and suddenly, like a flash of light, they both woke up together. The doctors cannot believe it but they were fine. By that time, they were twenty-eight years old. This is a miracle because they can talk and walk again. They were ready to leave the hospital. They could go home with their family.

While they were walking to the car, James suddenly felt dizzy. James shoes went on fire. His body was really hot and his eyes went red. He ran out of the car park like a tiger. He could not stop the fire and it got bigger and bigger.  He noticed bolts of lightning flashing in front of his eyes.  He rushed back into the hospital and the nurse extinguished the fire. He tried to explain what just happened in the car park but no one really believes him. This was strange and the doctor told him to go home and just relax. Everything will be alright.

He was walking back to the car again and His hand was now on fire. His face was burning red too. This time he ran back into the hospital and now his arms was bright red. He touch the table and set the hospital on fire too. James was screaming and scared but did not know what to do. He was burning everything he touched. The nurse called the fireman for help.

He ran super fast and dived into the pond to extinguish the fire on his body. The fireman was here to save the hospital. Suddenly he heard someone say he was crazy and dangerous. The policeman wanted to arrest him. He ran as quick as lightening speed and disappeared into the forest.

When he found a safe place to hide, he calmed down and was thinking about what happened. Why can I run really fast? How can I make fire? Why do I turn all red and hot? What’s happening to my body? Maybe I have become Flash because I can move really quick, just like a bolt of lightening. I am Flash!!!

Author: JM is 8 years old from Australia

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