Knock Knock….Who’s There?

Alice’s mum had just left home this morning for a two week holiday. “Bye mum!” said Alice with lots of love. She was all alone at home, not knowing what might possibly go wrong. She just finished high school. Touch wood! Hearing the trees whistling and the windows slamming made Alice feel uncomfortable. Alice felt slightly unsettled so she took a nap. Not too long after, there were THREE loud knocks at the front door. She suddenly sprung out of bed to see who it was. Peeking through the window curtains, Alice saw a man dressed in a long black trench coat, head to toe, holding a long range rifle. Alice gasped with hands over her mouth. “What should I do? Should I hide or what?” murmuring to herself. She hastily hurried up the stairs to hide in the closet. “Bang, bang…” Alice overheard the door bash open. “I…, I… have to call the police.” She says trembling in fear. Alice jumped out of the closet to see where the mysterious man was. “It’s clear,” mumbled Alice. She quickly an quietly tiptoed down the stairs. Alice was shocked when she saw a great amount of valuables taken. The mysterious man kept stuffing the long brown bag with valuables. “Ah….ah…..achoo!” Alice fell to the ground with her overwhelming sneeze. Alice rushed to the nearest hiding spot. “Who’s there?” the mysterious man shouted. She sat there in silence not moving a single muscle in her body. She could hear the mysterious man stomp around the house like a heavy elephant. Hearing cupboards doors slam made her panic. She prayed and pleaded in distress hoping the mysterious man would not open her cupboard door. “Please, please, PLEASE don’t open my cupboard.” Suddenly there was complete silence. She peeped out of the cupboard door to see where the mysterious man was and he was nowhere to be seen. Then I heard the mysterious man drag himself up the stairs. “Thump, thump, thump………” Alice ran into the kitchen to grab her mobile phone and ran back into the cupboard. “911! Hurry, please pick up the phone,” Alice whispered to herself. “Emergency Services, how can I help you?” said the operator. “Hi, a man broke into my house. I am at home alone and my mum has gone on holiday. Most of our valuables have been taken.” she exclaimed “Is the man still in your house?” asked the operator. “Yes he is,” Alice silently said. The operator then asked, “Where are you now in the house?” “I’m hiding in a cupboard close to the living room.” she muttered quietly. “What is your home address?” asked the operator. “32 Graceville St.” whispered Alice. “Ok, don’t panic we are sending police over now.” “Can you please hurry? I’m very scared.” Alice took deep breaths as she waited for the police to arrive. She could still hear the mysterious man rummaging through upstairs. Alice remained silent as a mouse. All she could hear was the thumps and stomps made by the mysterious man. Alice finally heard the police sirens heading closer to her home. “They’re getting closer and closer.” She said to herself sighing. “Police, put your hands up!” they shouted. One of the police officers opened the cupboard and helped me out. He asked, “Are you OK?” Have you been hurt?” Alice was relieved. “No, I’m not hurt.” Alice saw they policeman take the mysterious man out of the house and put him into the back of the police vehicle. “Here are all of your belongings,” the police man said. “Thank you so much for saving my life. I really appreciate it,” said Alice with a teary voice. Author: Lauren Yap 12 years old from Australia

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