The Naughty Sister

Bill moved into his new house and was excited about his new room. His window looks into the park across the road. He helped his mum moved lots of boxes. Bill suddenly heard a strange noise and went to search around the house. There was no sign of anything downstairs so Bill went to search upstairs.  Still there was no signs but he was getting annoyed. The last place to check is up in the attic.

Bill climbed the ladder up into the roof. It was dark and dusty. He is sure nothing is up here. He looked out the small attic window and started dreaming about the park. Suddenly the sound was beneath him. Bill bolted downstairs and nearly tripped. He was even more annoyed because he could have nut this leg if he rolled down the stairs. After running around the corner, it was his sister Annie making the strange whistling noise. “Stop making that terrible noise!” Screamed Bill. Annie did not stop so he ran outside to tell his mum.

When Bill and his mum came inside again, Annie was not there in the toy room. They went upstairs and was shocked to see Annie making a mess in Bill’s room. She tipped out all his books and Lego. “What a mess!” Screamed Bill and mum. Bill was so angry and his mum was furious. Annie got in trouble and was grounded for the rest of the day. I unpacked all my boxes and was allowed to play at the park with our dog Boxer.

Author: JM 8 years old from Australia

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