War Zone Alert 2

The air is polluted with thick black smelly smog. My body is in shock. Shocked to see, hear and smell everything around me. I could hear sirens from a distance, but struggle to accept my surrounding’s. I feel depressed, emotionless and confused. I desperately need fresh air, but the air is so polluted. I find […]


There was two boys named James and Adam. They were best friends and would do everything together. It was their dream to become the fastest man on earth. When they were little, they always played dress up like superheroes. They named themselves Team Flash. They were fast, quick, strong and brave, just like fireman that […]

Knock Knock….Who’s There?

Alice’s mum had just left home this morning for a two week holiday. “Bye mum!” said Alice with lots of love. She was all alone at home, not knowing what might possibly go wrong. She just finished high school. Touch wood! Hearing the trees whistling and the windows slamming made Alice feel uncomfortable. Alice felt […]

Sunshine and Rain

I like sunshine because it is bright. It keeps me warm. When I wake up in the morning and see the sun, I am happy. It means I can play in the playground. I like to play soccer. I am the goal keeper but it can get boring sometimes. When the sun is here, the […]

The Naughty Sister

Bill moved into his new house and was excited about his new room. His window looks into the park across the road. He helped his mum moved lots of boxes. Bill suddenly heard a strange noise and went to search around the house. There was no sign of anything downstairs so Bill went to search […]