The Chase!

“Take him down and bring him back alive. Do not let him LEAVE the castle!!!” Running frantically, feeling the wet, heavy rain pelt on my face and body soaking me. Sprinting through the deep puddles as they reflect the starry night.  The law hunting me down with extreme prejudice.  Panting heavily as I scan quickly […]

My Memorable Day

It’s the 9th of February 2015, a very important date in these young children’s lives.  Many parents, families and peers are cheering as nervous individuals step up to accept a leadership badge.  They have earned this honour through nominations from their teachers and peers. Standing on the stage, they overlook hundreds of people cheering and […]

SOS Help Me

I hear water gushing down the lake.  I take a deep breath and think to myself.  I can feel the mud squashed between my toes and feet. My palms starts to sweat.  I hear birds chirping away as the wind blows right across my face.  As my hair gets into my eyes I start to […]

Cats and Dogs

Cats are cute little fur balls with a small face.  Cats have small eyes and mouth.  It has a button nose and pointy little whiskers.  Cats purr all day and sleep all night.  Cats like cuddly hugs and gentle pats.  Cats are quiet and adorable.  Cats like to lounge around and enjoy the warm sunshine. […]