Dogs Are Better Than Cats

I really like dogs and I hope you like them too. Dogs are friendly and fun. They are active and I like to play fetch with them. They have lots of energy and run after everything. They always listen to me and follow me around. Dogs keep me fit too. We exercise together. They do funny tricks and make me laugh. They can jump in the air and catch a ball.

When I am sick or sad, they will come up and cuddle next to me. They will try to make me happy again. Dogs can feel the sadness and will sit next to you and comfort you. Dogs are sweet and kind.

Dogs can also work. They can help out on the farm and keep all the animals safe. They help roundup the cows and sheep everyday. Dogs will alert people when something happens. They will scare away bad animals that try to eat the farm animals. Dogs are very helpful.

Dogs is a man’s best friend. Every family should have a dog. You love them and they will love you back.

Author: JM 8 years old from Qld

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