Spooky Shed

James and Eli are best friends and after school, they would hang out together. Today, James asked Eli to come over and play in his shed. But it was no ordinary shed. It was a spooky shed, like a haunted house. Eli was happy to come over but did not know anything about the shed. He was going to be surprised. After eating some cookie and drinking hot chocolate, they went to the shed and played Lego. Suddenly they heard a strange noise and the door slammed shut at the front of the shed. Then they heard someone screaming from the dark corner of the shed. They were really shaken. They heard more screaming, then banging metal pole sounds and stomping foot steps. They could not think of anything to do but run for their life. Eli pushed open the door and escaped from the shed.

James had dropped his phone in the shed so Eli quickly got his phone out and called the police. The police came really soon and checked out the haunted red shed. The police could not find anything or anyone. Then suddenly, a fluffy cat jumped out of the roof and scared everyone.  Everyone laughed and could not believe it was a cat making the noises.  How funny.

Author: JM is 8 years old from QLD

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