Richard Branson’s The Virgin Way

This book is about a man name Richard Branson, telling his story about how he had successfully built his business empire around the world.  He also learned how to “listen, learn more, laugh and lead.” When Richard was a child, he made many mistakes but he always said that no one is perfect. His mum’s name is Eve and she is around 82 years old. Richard’s late dad is named Edward James Branson. Sadly he passed away in 2010.  In this book, Richard talks about how he uses many quotes learned since he was a child to inspire other people. One of my favourite quotes is “Live everyday as if it were your last”. He teaches how to lead your own business and to carry it to success. He always said to not just make mistakes but to learn from them and never to do it again. Now Richard has his own airline business called “Virgin”. He has been working for over 40 years in the business and he also teaches leadership using a very unique style to communicate the message to other people. Richard suffers from dyslexia, dropped out of school at the age of 16 and has never worked for anyone but himself. He has never looked back in regret.

Author: JY is 14 years old from QLD

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