No Ordinary Boy

“Hey, how’s it going?” Asked Andy, one of Jordan’s friends.

“Pretty bad because it’s the first day at high school.” Said Jordan frowning.

I have already been pushed around and bullied once, maybe twice.  My name is Jordan Smith. It’s been such a quick year and now I’m a teenager in high school. Uncle Joe said everything will be fine but I think he lied to me. But I found out something over the holiday’s.  I have special powers, like a superhero. I am a superhero and my name is Green Arrow. I have the ability to run really fast and also use a bow and arrow. It’s not just any ordinary arrow, its super arrows. There is a smoke bomb arrow, a poisonous gas arrow and a zip line arrow, just in case if I fall off a tall building, I can shoot it out and hang to safety. Lastly, I have a green costume and a mask. Why the mask? It’s so people cannot see my real face.  There’s also a bullet proof vest under my shirt. This keeps me safe when I get into fights or jumping out of windows and aeroplanes. So now that I have told you my life secret, why don’t you tell me about your life secret.

Author: JM is 8 years old from QLD

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