Eagles Boys Pizza Story

Tom Potter was making his own business which was named Beagle Boys. Then he changed it to Eagle Boys Pizza. Tom would make over $10,000 a week. His mum’s name was Barbara who was helping him a lot. Tom’s dad’s name was James. His first pizza store opened in Albury. Then Tom opened up other pizza stores in Dubbo, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns, Mt Isa and Mackay. Two of his best selling pizzas were Supreme and Hawaiian. Tom did not make a seafood pizza. Tom thought he would not make much money because it was too expensive to make. Supreme had lots of different vegetables, cheese, tomato sauce and mince meat on it. The Hawaiian, which I like very much, had ham and pineapple. It was very tasty. Then Tom opened up other stores because he was getting a lot a business from people who like eating his pizza. Tom spent 18 months in a bakery learning how to make pizza. Then there was three to four days of delivering pizza in a car. Tom worked from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm. Tom worked very hard, all day and all night to create a successful business selling pizza. What pizza do you like to eat?
Author: AY is 8 years old from QLD

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