My New Friend

One day I was walking on the path of our street heading towards the park.  While I was happily walking, I could suddenly smell something warm and sweet, like freshly made fudge.  I used my senses to track down the smell.  I kept walking and the smell was getting stronger.  Whoosh!  Suddenly I saw a mysterious brown person running past.  I screamed out loudly “Hey, what is it?”  My voice echoed around the whole street.  I wasn’t going to be a scared baby and just stand there or run home.  I was brave and wanted to look for that mysterious brown person.  Whoosh!  There it goes, the brown person darts past me again.  My heart was beating fast.  I kept running after it until I was out of breathe.

I could not run anymore so I stood there trying to catch my breath.  I was trying to look into the distance to see where the brown person had gone.  It was not far away so I ran again and reached my destination.  The little person just stopped because it had nowhere to run.  I had corned it in a dark street.  I reached out to grab it.  The little brown person had a tiny round head and thick body.  It had small little M and M eyes.  It’s nose was a freckle and its mouth was a strawberry liquorice.  It had a jellybean belly button and no hair.  It is a little Gingerbread Man.  It smelt delicious and sweet.  I was about to eat it but I stopped and thought for a while.  I didn’t bite it because it does look like a little human.  I wouldn’t like someone eating me alive.  We became great friends forever .

Author: JM 8 years old from Qld

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