War Zone Alert

Three consecutive bombs go off.  My heart skips a beat.  President Abel has set us up for all this trouble and then turns his back on us when we come looking for him demanding action plans.  He reckons the traitors has set us up, but I know he did.  He was greedy, hunting for more land and power.  I was a young girl, nearly turning sixteen when I was chosen to represent our Sub Zero Zone in the Medallion Chase.  I have heard terrifying stories about the chase.  Every night, the organisers would switch and turn the maze to confuse the participants.  You would have to use your senses to find your way out.  I always knew my senses were sharp.  I was the only girl from the Sub Zero Zone who survived the Medallion Chase.  But what does that mean for me?  I honestly thought this would mean peace.

Boom.  Another hydrogen bomb explodes in the far distances but I can still feel the ground shake under my feet.  Every single time the hydrogen bomb sets off, its terrifying and frightening.  The Capricorns are attacking our Zone again.

My family and I have to tuck away from all this danger.  I grabbed everything I could and scrambled down into the bomb shelter under our house.  “Hurry, lets go,” I screamed.  My younger sister Caroline was to busy finding her cat Bubble.  “Come on! We don’t have enough time to find Bubble.”  I didn’t want my head to get blown off.  No one wanted to get their heads blown off.  The army was marching around in the Zone, trying to keep  everyone safe.   Another torpedo flies off into the distance.  I feel threatened and frightened ever single time I hear the bombs go off.  The walls shake and rumble and it sends my head twitching with pain.  Caroline, my mum and I are all cramped up in one small space.  This is only just the beginning.

Gun powder, grenade, missile and explosives are all confusing for my head.  My sister is sobbing and frantic.  She cannot understand why this is happening.  Before you know it, sudden silence echoes through the night.  I climb up and open the heavy concrete door to peek outside.  I was horrified to see everything in the Zone has been destroyed.  The air is filled with black cloudy smog.  This is our home now, a war zone.

Author: GM is 11 years old from Qld

One thought on “War Zone Alert

  1. This is a heart pounding story. You really took my imagination into the story and I could not breathe too. Fantastic plot and I hope you can write your next chapter soon. We want to read more. Don’t make us wait too long.


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