Spring Sunshine

I wake to the warm sunshine peaking through my window.  I subtly pull open the curtains and push open my window to welcome the crisp spring air into my bedroom.  My nose tickles from the smell of fresh spring flowers bouncing in the air.  Buzz, buzz…… I hear the bees singing and dancing over the field of blooms.  Chirp, chirp…..I hear birds celebrating the new season with wonderful whispers of happiness.

I race downstairs and dart out into the paddock.  I follow the smell of roses and step gently onto the grass with my bare feet.  The glorious feeling of being in nature is so refreshing on this sunny morning.  My toes squeeze the sand and dirt as I skip across the field to the rose garden.  My senses are awake and I start humming a sweet tune to “You Are My Sunshine” as I collect roses to decorate my bedroom.  Oh what a beautiful morning.

Another smell captures my attention.  My mother must be making her best maple syrup pancakes.  I dance back inside to receive a kiss good morning from my mother, a hug from my father and a snuggle from my beloved dog Billie.  Oh spring sunshine is here.

Author: LY 12 years old from QLD

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