The Chase!

“Take him down and bring him back alive. Do not let him LEAVE the castle!!!”

Running frantically, feeling the wet, heavy rain pelt on my face and body soaking me. Sprinting through the deep puddles as they reflect the starry night.  The law hunting me down with extreme prejudice.  Panting heavily as I scan quickly left and right while running.  From a distance, speedy foot steps trailing mine like a cheetah running through the wild.  I make a quick sprint and duck for cover.  Sliding across the rainy floor into the compact space, hiding in the dark as the law darts by.  Running and holding their flaming torches, my eyes scan the dark desperately looking for another escape route.  No one to be seen, I bolt heading the opposite direction for the bridge.  A guard camouflaged in his uniform standing by the bridge notices a dark figure run past as fast as the speed of light at the corner of his eye.  Busted!  Half-way across the bridge, gates begin to close. Stopping and staring as the gates close, I attempt to sprint at breakneck speed. Screeching halt!  The gates slam shut right in front of me!

The knights handling their sharp steel weapons advance slowly towards me.  “You have no where to go, hands up behind your head,” a man from behind his forces calls out.  Slowly I turn around.  Breathing heavily.  My brain is whizzing 100 miles an hour.  My eyes are moving non-stop, left right, left right!  “What to do?”  I say to myself sighing at defeat.  My head is drooping in despair.  I close my eyes.  Bright light appears and I hear a whisper. “Water……the water……”

Big smile. I start the shuffle dance, left right, left right.  Eyes wide open, the guards are at confusion with my movements.  One last speedy shuffle to the left.  “Adios amigos! Sayonara! Ciao!”

Plummeting through the air into the river. Rotating my turbo arms in quick succession.

They call off the chase.  “How did you let him escape?”  The leader of the Knights exclaimed.  “It is just one person against the kingdom!”

Resting atop while floating along the river, the rain stops.  The breeze tingles across my face.  Not knowing what is ahead of my journey, I relax for a while and fall asleep.

Author: J.Y 14 years old from Qld


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