SOS Help Me

I hear water gushing down the lake.  I take a deep breath and think to myself.  I can feel the mud squashed between my toes and feet. My palms starts to sweat.  I hear birds chirping away as the wind blows right across my face.  As my hair gets into my eyes I start to tear up.  I stop and think, “Am I Ever Going To See Home Again?” As I think even more, my heart starts to race 100 times faster than a tiger chasing its prey.  The days go on and on. I start to panic with starvation.  I scream louder and louder every single time but my throat burns with dryness.  My scream is louder than thunder roaring but sadly no one responds.  I just hear the sounds of my own echo.  My heart sinks with desperate despair.  The days go on with no food and clean water.  I smell and stink like rotten meat.  Today is my fifth day stranded in this dense humid mountain.  My arms and legs are swollen from walking so much.  When I run my fingers along my arms and legs, it feels rough and dry with red polka dots from insect bites.  I can feel my spine twitching and flush with burning pain.  I follow my heart and I will not give up.  I WILL get out of here alive.

Author: GM 11years old from Qld

One thought on “SOS Help Me

  1. Thank you for submitting your story. Your creativity is bold and surreal. Keep up your great story writing and we look forward to receiving more stories from you to share with other young readers and writers of the world. Well done 😀


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