My Memorable Day

It’s the 9th of February 2015, a very important date in these young children’s lives.  Many parents, families and peers are cheering as nervous individuals step up to accept a leadership badge.  They have earned this honour through nominations from their teachers and peers. Standing on the stage, they overlook hundreds of people cheering and clapping to celebrate their achievement.  Today, I am honoured to accept one of the most popular leadership position of Music Captain.  My trusted friend Cliff, has been appointef Vice Music Captain. He has been my classmate for the last 3 years and we work well together.  To lead the school band with a trusted friend will encourage me to carry out my duties with confidence.  I will have to show the teachers and fellow students that I will accept the challenge to lead our school’s great music program.  Our school has been successful in many music competitions and I am proud to lead our Band to achieve more awards in 2015.

Author: GM 11 years old from Qld

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